The Opening

The Club was established in 1988 and has occupied its current building since its opening by Diana, Princess of Wales in the same year.


Club Officials


Richard White


Terry Bragger


Ann Cruttenden


Doreen Peak

Ladies' Secretary

Maureen Allen

Assistant Treasurer

Marie Steemson

Men's Match Secretary

John Stephens

Ladies' Match Secretary

Helen Donkin

Thursday Captain

Brian Briston

Saturday Captain

Sunday Captain

Brian Briston

Ladies' Captain

Thelma Pakes

Ladies' Vice Captain

Sarah Morgan

Men's League Secretary

Malcom Hancock

Ladies' League Secretary

Malcom Hancock

Mixed League Secretary

Mary Hancock

Men's Competition Secretary

Mario Abella

Ladies' Competition Secretary

Marion Lamb

Additional Members

Janet Lowe, Patrick Morgan, Janet Payne, Peter Agnew, John Murray

Consultant (Lease Negotiation)

Peter Hill

Co-opted Members

Denise Collins, Roly Welsh

Safeguarding Officer

Roger Baker